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The Stamas 290 Tarpon Center Console

"Fast & Stable"


The "New" Reel Busy is a Stamas 290 Tarpon Center Console which is over 30ft in length. When we made the switch from a big express boat to a center console there was only one name that we could think of.  An industry leader in innovation, comfort, speed and ride and that is of course Stamas Yachts. Stamas Yachts is the oldest, continuously family owned and operated boat company in the United States today. The Stamas family has been handcrafting premium quality boats for fisherman and yachtsman alike that know the difference.

The "New" Reel Busy has dual live wells, multiple cooler/fish-box storage and a large t-top to get out of the elements. It was a tough decision but switching to the center console allows us to get to the fish faster which equates to further range for chasing big fish. Reel Busy hosts one of the largest fishing cockpits of any boat in its class. Match that space with the latest in marine electronics and the knowledge of 30 years experience on the water and that makes for a very enjoyable and memorable day on the water.


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